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Please comment, if the reviews are good i might join

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Please comment, if the reviews are good i might join

205: For you: No idea if they are for real or just another scam. They claim to have been around for three years. I had some trouble sending money to Asot-Pay when I finally got through with them, I am still awaiting confirmation from . So even if these guys are for real, one thing is certain: Professionalism is certainly not their cup of tea! Now, I’m sure this itself raises questions about them does it not?

Within the last three weeks apparently they have stolen everybodys money and dissappeared, the site is still there but the admin is nowhere to be found.

Is for real?

Hello, Regarding Post# 170 (James). Are you saying that you have doubled to $450,000 dollars, left it in your ASOT account and have only used $25,000 of it? Can you leave that much money in an ASOT account?

Well I have attempted to contact via email. The first time I got a quick response, but from there on out nothing. I even set up a new email account thinking that maybe they would respond to a different address but still nothing. Also note that I wonder if the James that is posting all this positive feedback here is James Evans if you do a who is of you will see James Evans is the owner of that domain. Now I’m not dissing on trailer parks but if you had this much money why would you be living in a trailer? If anybody has any positive or negative feedback on global-marketinginc or financial-freedominc please email me at [email protected]

Well, the site is down, but there are many hyips like this now. They are ponzi’s often, but at least the money are stolen not from ‘remote’ users…

Wow – I hadn’t realized a year had already gone by. This post has the 2nd most comments of all other posts on this blog and may soon beat the other one which has 219 at the moment. It has become far more popular than I anticipated, but I guess that happens when you get the #2 spot for double your money on Google. Now if everyone who visited just gave me a buck…

hi to all again, if you do not, Asotinc site is and they have there Very own payment processor which is call Asot-Pay there iste is: ok now please note that AsotInc Asot-pay is the same Asot-Pay is Asotinc Bank online sysytem. they Min: is $ and the Max: $10,000. In about two years or less asot will be opening real local banks in some states. the bank will be call (The Bank James Evans) this will be open soon. Stay stoon for more info on AsotInc Asot-Pay….

I found a business that is not a scam and is not an investment site. There is a one-time fee only that is refundable. This is a USA based business. It is by private invite only. Email me at [email protected] Put Business in the subjectline and I will send you the link to go to. Thanks.

You will also see that the registered address is a trailer park lot #70


A few years ago, I invested some money to money-page. I got paid what they promised in their home page. Since I was soooo excited about the program, I kept reinvesting the fund from my paypal account. I started out with $10, then in the end, I was up to $1000. And it did not take too long to get to that point. However, like many others, all the funds got reversed by paypal. I ended up owing paypal over $1000. Not only that, paypal called me I was “part of the fraudlulant activities”. You see, the scammer “money-page” knows that once a fund is deposited into their e-gold account from another e-gold account, nobody can take it out. That’s why they say they do not allow payments from paypal accounts.

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