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I applied for 26 lakhs study abroad education loan for masters studies in the USA through WeMakeScholar (WMS)

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I applied for 26 lakhs study abroad education loan for masters studies in the USA through WeMakeScholar (WMS)

Once I showed them that the branch is eligible for the SBI Global EdVantage education loan scheme, they started with my valuation and search report

Once I started my abroad education loan process with WMS, the loan got sanctioned within 11–12 days (at that moment I was done with search and valuation report) so there it saves me few days. My education loan of 26 lakhs was sanctioned in SBI bank (Chandrapur) with ROI 9.7% (If I pay interest right after disbursement then SBI will give me 1% rebate so it will be an even lower interest rate of 8.7% after moratorium period). Firstly, I started my SBI education loan process via offline (In offline you directly approach the bank and start the process without any mediator). The bank told me they are not eligible to give me 20+ lakhs loan. But, the bank was eligible to give 20+ lacs loan under SBI global ed-vantage scheme. Though the bank was aware of it, they didn’t know the process. They gave me some contact and I was done with reports within 3–4 days. When I collected all the documents and visited the bank to submit an application, the bank was reluctant to take my application instead they were telling me to go to the regional office (Nagpur) and they will process my loan (Regional office was 150KM away from my place). They literally made me run for my SBI education loan process. After a few days, I came to know about WMS in the group as it’s online process and WMS helps students who are struggling to get the loan from PSU’s. Since the process was free I submitted my details on Website and next day I got a call from Ishita Ma’am (She is a loan coordinator for WMS). I told her all my process and problem which I faced. Next day she talked to my SBI bank and SBI head office in Mumbai & sorted all the matter. I got a call from Ishita ma’am telling me to submit my application and if anything delay happens she will help me sort it out. She helped me a lot to fasten the loan process and got my SBI education loan sanction letter quickly. I was facing much delay but with the help of WMS, SBI acted very quickly. As everything is online you can track your loan process as well and moreover at the end you also get cashback of 10K which is very good. So IMO WMS is legitimate and you won’t regret going with them!

WMS is there to help students who are facing problems and fasten the study abroad online installment loans West Virginia state education loan process

I came to know about WeMakeScholars in early September while simply browsing through the answers on Quora itself. Having already been frustrated with nationalized banks for my study abroad education loan, I was finding one single quick solution to it. I was almost left with no time to transfer the funds to my university and kickstart my visa application. I contacted WeMakeScholars (WMS) via email & FB and they called me back within a day. Once I briefed the WMS representative about my urgency, she connected me through a private NBFC. Within 3–4 days, that NBFC took over my case and they processed the loan amount of INR 13 Lacs within the next 20days, with an interest rate of 13.1% after a few rounds of negotiation by my family. Especially, when post-Brexit scenarios in the UK are yet to hit back its previous glory, processing the abroad education loan without the collateral security, was, indeed a tough deal. To be honest, I did face some difficulties after my education loan got sanctioned and the disbursement was finally done. But both the representatives from Incred and WeMakeScholars had put best of their effort to resolve the hassle of the process. As I was referred to that NBFC by WMS, the NBFC was liable to them at every possible aspect. It is only because of their partnership with various financial organizations, decision-making ability, and experience of handling N numbers of cases, they could come up with the least time-consuming solution for me. I can’t thank them enough for helping my career take a shape and am more than happy to encourage everyone who’s reading my answer, to go with WeMakeScholars. If you’re in urgency, also, wanna avoid all the hardships of painful banking procedure, WMS is your go-to organization, undoubtedly. Let them take care of it.O

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