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Or, was a major ticket draw: ‘We are excited and honored to complete our first Afropunk Festival in London and want to do it right,Afropunk coordinators stated earlier this week. After discussing the problem using the artist along with the community, a conclusion was agreed upon by all involved that M.I.A. don’t headline Afropunk London.’

Three were completely obliterated, while three others apparently regained consciousness and scampered before authorities arrived. Medics were dispatched towards the scene of debauchery and moral depravity, with many taken towards the hospital but none requiring any serious care. None appeared to remember anything in regards to the night before, including anything involving ‘moderation’.

Kollegah and Farid Bang in addition have taken to social websites to defend themselves. They urged music listeners to ‘judge individuals by their character only. (Of course, just don’t read their lyrics). In an attempt to calm the problem, Bang issued a public apology to Auschwitz survivor Esther Bejarano. Kollegah promised Jewish fans ‘lifelong free entryfor the duo’s concerts.

I think anyone even remotely conscious of the history of digital music wouldn’t make any statements regarding the decline in physical media and the expansion of digital technology. The music industry were assigned the mp3 technology in the mid 90’s as a possible possiblity to push forward a in the 21st century. The music industry declined, instead counting on their cow of physical product, the location where the cut of sales were a greater mark up then digital could ever present. The music industry’s (and from then on, your entire entertainment industry) slow, painful and greed directed crawl into digital was the reason why they couldn’t compete within the market invest which they had an possibility to run, own and manage a few years earlier.

It is a modern day radio station using better technology. That doesn t signify the music industry, should able to exploit this trivial fact and beyond nowhere demand a lot more money. I don t realise why Pandora needs to be punished for innovating and gives consumers a contemporary radio experience? The music cartels as well as their endless efforts to suppress innovation has to be stopped. The patience with these will need to have a set limit.


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